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Basically everyone needs a website. It is essential for any business in today's age. The key is to get a great website for a great price. As a web consultant I can make that possible for anyone with the connections I have. After that it is a matter of where you market your website. Again I can point you in the right direction to maximize your exposure. The reason I know this world of the web is that I used to own

It is very simple: Call TonyB if you want the best web advice in Bermuda 441-334-8669

TonyB’s web history

At one time TonyB owned over 100 Bermuda Internet domain names. But the crown jewel was

In 1997 I was in Barbados on holiday when I stumbled on a tourist marketing concept that really changed my life. It was a brochure box with mini fliers advertising all sorts of different tourist attraction, shops, restaurants etc. Within 2 months of returning to Bermuda in early February 1997 I had over 50 locations and a SOLD OUT brochure box that contained 78 clients. The business was known at that time as The Tourist Box. Needless to say after costs I showed a profit of over $ 50k in year one and after that it was a cash cow year after year. Then my pal and fellow musician Jon Dobson had the idea to go after the guys who owned He was already a 25% owner of before he approached me. Jon urged me to buy into as he said the INTERNET was the future of marketing – no kidding Sherlock. Just look at Google at over $ 700 a share today!

Well I made the plunge bought out the 3 local boys who also owned the website and then eventually Jon, and I soon had a cyberspace website rolling in half a million dollars a year. Jon was very wise he said "Do not rent office space" do it all out of your house. I heeded his advice. I became familiar with HTML and learned very quickly that running a website technically was a breeze. The key was to keep the dollars rolling in the door. So now I was in the physical world of marketing with The Tourist Box and I also owned the cyberspace for Bermuda. After 5 years I was literally burnt out. I had the feeling of being SUPERMAN as the world of computers allowed me to be all things. I was the marketer via email, the accountant thanks to QuickBooks, the web keeper (I did use a talented chap Michael Hind to design the site), the guy who stocked the Tourist Boxes. I did it all.

Burnt out I decided to sell and actively looked for a buyer. The Government were approached as it made sense for the country to owned the portal

ALAS our Bermuda Government would not "deal" with TonyB as I was also their nemesis in that I was the aggressive Tourist Critic. What idiots...They should have paid the money and done the right thing for Bermuda. But as you will know by looking at my political activist page, the Bermuda Government under the PLP have a pathetic record in tourism and quite frankly hold grudges against anyone who dare to criticize. They blew their chance. They should have talked to Donald Trump who would have advised the PLP Government, "Who gives a damn what Tony thinks of you, but you need to own that website". We all know most politicians couldn't make a profit at a "lemonade stand" but what fools to allow personalities to get in the way of a GREAT BUSINESS DEAL. Anyway I think I made it clear with the reference to the lemonade stand that this current Bermuda government doesn't know how to recognize a good business deal.

Then in 2004 I cut a deal with The Island Press and sold everything lock, stock and barrel - The Tourist Box and all 100 domain names. I am happy to say that today is still the # 1 website for Bermuda and I am proud that I built that site up into the mega force it has become for Bermuda and all the clients that get their custom from it.

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