Heygo Reviews

John Lennon's Bermuda Inspiration

"Tony thank you so much! I am a big fan of John and Yoko, learned a lot today about their time on the Bermudas. What a wonderful place to live and thank you for your love for music" ~ Chris T.

"Tony not only showed us views/scenes but also told us stories that were intriguing and enlivening. Thank you!" ~ Claire H.

"If you love the Beatles, especially John Lennon, you will love this tour. The history of John’s time in Bermuda along with Tony’s personal stories related to John make for a very interesting tour" ~ Peggy S.


The Royal Naval Dockyard Tour

"Tony is a very engaging and enthusiastic guide! A highlight was the close up, behind the scenes visit with the dolphins at The Keep!" ~ Michael F.

"Tony you are a treat on the tours. I've been on three of your tours" ~ Rick G.

"Tony made it really interesting despite most of the dockyard being closed. Well done! He was light hearted and had a great rapport with the people he met, getting the very best out of them for our enjoyment. He responded well to comments." ~ Joanna S.


St. Georges Walking Tour

"I learned so much about Bermuda. I can't wait to go and explore myself. I will certainly look for more tours by Tony in Bermuda. Great way to promote tourism when safe!" ~ Caroline K.

"Loved the tour of St. George's. Tony did an excellent job covering the history of the old Towne and sharing the highlights. Looking forward to tuning in to the next one!" ~ Lori B.

"This is our second trip to Bermuda with Tony. What a fabulous and knowledgeable tour guide. We are now going to plan a trip to Bermuda once this Covid virus has lifted" ~ Bruce & Ruth Anne G.


South Shore Beaches

"Tony was an excellent tour guide for Bermuda. He engaged with us in the chat box, which was lots of fun. He is extremely knowledgeable about the island so he could answer everyone’s questions. He showed us gorgeous beaches and coves, and stopped in perfect places to take postcard photos. The only slight negative was losing the data signal here and there, which of course is unavoidable. I would highly recommend enjoying a Bermuda tour with Tony B!" ~ Carol C.

"Loved the Bermuda beach tour! Tony is a natural! Love his tours. Feels like he's my best friend! " ~ Myra S.

"The view of the bay was just what my winter-weary soul needed. Thank you Tony.... Looking forward to future tours" ~ Debra W.


Music with Tony

"We had our very own beach party while Tony played the guitar and sang while we had the magnificent Bermuda beach as a backdrop" ~ Mae R.

"This was very enjoyable. When they say, "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" this tour just so happened to be at 5 PM in my time zone so it was a nice laid back way to kick off the weekend. On a more serious note, I've been having a hard time lately as I enter my 400th day today of lockdown plus being a caregiver with no break. The first two songs really got my attention for being so positive plus I absolutely adore and relate to "Hope - A Song For the Times" and have added it on Spotify. Thank you for sharing it with us" ~ Amanda J.

"So much fun. Love Tony's anecdotes and laidback musical style. He even ended with shots of a beautiful Bermuda beach. Next time I'll bring cocktails!" ~ Lisa M.