Heygo Reviews

John Lennon's Bermuda Inspiration

"Bermuda is so pretty, any tour we go on is glorious. thanks for taking us on this journey!" ~ Penni R.

"Loved the tour as I'm a big John Lennon fan! Would love to visit Bermuda. Tony knew his stuff and interesting stories etc. X" ~ Laura L.

"What a treat! Tony is a great musician and music specialist! I really enjoyed his tour about John Lennon and music. Thank you so much!" ~ Julie (Ottawa) T.

"Tony's tour was informative, lovely scenery and was delivered in such a relaxing manner, with some well chosen music thrown in..pleasing to all the senses." ~ Moe L.

"Great job. I am planning my vacation to Bermuda and Tony is helping me know what I must see and do!" ~ Caroline K.

"History. Geography. Music. Art. Tony's Storytelling included it all. Simply charming. I will be back." ~ Coline B.

"Tony thank you so much! I am a big fan of John and Yoko, learned a lot today about their time on the Bermudas. What a wonderful place to live and thank you for your love for music." ~ Chris T.

"Tony not only showed us views/scenes but also told us stories that were intriguing and enlivening. Thank you!" ~ Claire H.

"If you love the Beatles, especially John Lennon, you will love this tour. The history of John’s time in Bermuda along with Tony’s personal stories related to John make for a very interesting tour" ~ Peggy S.

The Royal Naval Dockyard Tour

"Lovely tour of the Dockyard this afternoon. Tony is enthusiastic and an excellent guide - clearly loves doing these tours. A beautiful island." ~ Tessa U.

"Great guy. Has inspired me to visit in person when OK to travel. Beautiful island. " ~ Jean H.

"My husband and I love touring Bermuda with Tony! He freely shares great information about the sites and attractions as well as giving us a taste of what it's like to live there. Two thumbs up!" ~ Bonnie S.

"Tony is a very engaging and enthusiastic guide! A highlight was the close up, behind the scenes visit with the dolphins at The Keep!" ~ Michael F.

"Tony you are a treat on the tours. I've been on three of your tours" ~ Rick G.

"Tony made it really interesting despite most of the dockyard being closed. Well done! He was light hearted and had a great rapport with the people he met, getting the very best out of them for our enjoyment. He responded well to comments." ~ Joanna S.

St. Georges Walking Tour

"Great sunset tour with Tony ! What a friendly host, he introduces us to locals and chats as if we were best friends !! Lovely views of the beaches and if course the sunset ! highly recommend." ~ lin u.

"An excellent insight of St George,given by a person that knows his subject.After an abscence of 74 years,I was delighted to once again walk the alleys and streets of that beautiful part of Bermuda. Thanks. Harry." ~ Harry M.

"Tony is a delightful companion for a walk through the beautiful sights of Bermuda! It's like strolling along with a good friend!" ~ Roberta in New Orleans L.

"I learned so much about Bermuda. I can't wait to go and explore myself. I will certainly look for more tours by Tony in Bermuda. Great way to promote tourism when safe!" ~ Caroline K.

"Loved the tour of St. George's. Tony did an excellent job covering the history of the old Towne and sharing the highlights. Looking forward to tuning in to the next one!" ~ Lori B.

"This is our second trip to Bermuda with Tony. What a fabulous and knowledgeable tour guide. We are now going to plan a trip to Bermuda once this Covid virus has lifted" ~ Bruce & Ruth Anne G.

City of Hamilton

"Another wonderful tour by Tony B. Such a beautiful town to wander around in. That was the first time I'd seen a cruise "in person". So huge! Very fun time!!" ~ Chris M.

"Great way to start the day... on the beautiful island of Bermuda with Tony casually walking us around like a local. Very relaxing and enjoyable. AAA+++" ~ Virginia M.

"Really enjoy your tours and all your stories and information about Bermuda culture. I haven't been there since 1977. Thanks, Tony." ~ Neil C.

"Excellent tour .. Tony is awesome!" ~ Ben M.

"Despite the rain Tony coped magnificently. I was last in Hamilton over 50 years ago staying with the Huntly Playles in Brigadon at Burnt House Hill, Bill Huntky Playle was pipe major in the Bermuda pipe band and he sorted put Roy Castle's issues with his bagpipes that were playing up when he performed at the Princess Hotel. Hamilton has changed a bit but it is still a beautiful place and Tony B is a charming guide. " ~ Martin N.

"Such a relaxed and informative tour, taking in the sights of Hamilton, including seeing a sunrise, which was magical. Tony has a wealth of Knowledge of Bermuda, which is passes on to us the Tourists" ~ Tony N.

"Wonderful tour. Hope to visit someday on a cruise ship" ~ Linda R.

"Tony is a great guide - informative and witty!" ~ Zeba (London, UK) K.

Twizy Driving Tour of Bermuda

"Lovely tour today! Bermuda is now on my (non virtual) bucket list!!" ~ Patricia T.

"Always enjoy Tony’s tours, this was fun zipping around Bermuda in the Twizy" ~ Beverly M.

"Absolutely excellent tour, I felt like I was actually in Bermuda. Tony made our whistle-stop road trip such fun" ~ Linda U.

"Felt like I was there again. Excellent!" ~ John S.

"Hi Tony, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed yesterday's Twizzy Tour. It was great to see so many stunning views covering a wide area. Between 1994 and 2001 my brother worked in Bermuda at B.E.L.C.O. I visited him twice once at Christmas and once for two weeks in the summer. The first week I was left to my own devices, the second he took annual leave and we explored together. The first week I just hopped local buses and did my own thing or walked into Hamilton and looked around the main shops etc. Your tour yesterday (and the dockyard and St Georges) brought back many lovely memories for me. Back then, non Nationals were not allowed to but cars so he had a motorbike and I hired a moped but I loved the idea of the Twizzy and also that tourists can now hire cars. The Island is beautiful-you are very lucky. I'm booked on your Hamilton tour this morning and several on Tuesday. Let's hope the weather stays fine as it is here actually this Bank Holiday in the UK. Please keep up the good work I enjoy your tours. I'm looking forward to the music ones. Trish (the Red) from Manchester UK." ~ Trish (Manchester, UK) H.

"Groovy, far out and fab!" ~ Peace

"Touring Bermuda with Tony is such a treat! We love how he shows off all kinds of things about Bermuda and has wonderful stories about the legendary musicians who've appeared and stayed there. His tours help us count the months until we can get back there." ~ Bonnie S.

"I'd give 10 stars if it was an option see you on the next one Sleepy" ~ Sleepy

South Shore Beaches

"If you think it is just a walk on the beach you totally wrong about it, it is a history lesson abou the environment and some private history about Tony’s great live Highly recommend to watch this tour more then once Greetings from lovely Vienna " ~ Francis V.

"Tony Brannon, Horseshoe Bay at South Bermuda was fantastic.. He is a wonderful tour guide with a lovely sense of humour and lovely stories about the city and his own. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Wishing him all the best xoxo" ~ May I.

"Awesome tour guide! Brought back so many memories from my college and single days. When I imagine myself being at my favorite place in the world, I'm back at Elbow Beach listening to the Bermuda Strollers. Thank you for such a wonderful tour of Bermuda and memory lane!" ~ Judy K.

"Loved Tony's tour, the most beautiful beaches, fascinating history, and his love and enthusiasm for Bermuda was infectious - also impressed by his athletic ability leaping up and down those cliffs! Will definitely be adding Bermuda to my bucket list, and looking out for more of Tony's tours." ~ Julie H.

"This was our 5th tour with Tony. He makes it feel like you are right there with him. He's extremely formative. " ~ Bruce & Ruth Anne G.

"Tony was an excellent tour guide for Bermuda. He engaged with us in the chat box, which was lots of fun. He is extremely knowledgeable about the island so he could answer everyone’s questions. He showed us gorgeous beaches and coves, and stopped in perfect places to take postcard photos. The only slight negative was losing the data signal here and there, which of course is unavoidable. I would highly recommend enjoying a Bermuda tour with Tony B!" ~ Carol C.

"Loved the Bermuda beach tour! Tony is a natural! Love his tours. Feels like he's my best friend! " ~ Myra S.

"The view of the bay was just what my winter-weary soul needed. Thank you Tony.... Looking forward to future tours" ~ Debra W.

East End Beach Sun Rise Tour

"Tony's sunrise tours are usually spectacular! This was great as we saw it from different places! Thanks Tony! " ~ Jennie (Eastbourne) S.

"Superb tour, Tony is an engaging and entertaining guide, do join one of his tours if you can. " ~ Gail B.

"This tour had everything! Amazing sunrise, beautiful scenery, lovely beaches, music, humour and an interactive host. It was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish! " ~ Faith M.

"Always an interesting tour!" ~ Toni T.

"A most enjoyable time discovering these off the beaten track beautiful beaches. Tony is a charming gentleman who creates a friendly atmosphere during his tours." ~ Beverly M.

"A lovely, gentle tour with a lovely gentle guide. Tony even provided a little entertainment with his lovely singing. I look forward to joining him on future tours." ~ Dauna (Bicester, Oxfordshire, UK) C.

Sunset In Bermuda

"Excellent guide, excellent tour, excellent vibe!" ~ Alberto W.

"Thank you for another fascinating tour! I have to come to Bermuda now! Maybe this coming winter! It just looks so wonderful!" ~ Pamela (Banff Guide) M.

"A beautiful sunset tour in Bermuda; the scenery was stunning of course and with a few songs from Tony made it a lovely relaxing tour, easy going, chilled, bliss!" ~ Angie M.

"What a fantastic sunset tour! Live music from Tony, sun setting over the bay, and a sneak preview of the local town. This tour had everything that would make me want to do more tours. Thanks!" ~ Chris M.

"Lovely! Tony played guitar and sang (Beatles, The Stones) on the deck of an empty beach bar and then walked us up a hill to watch the sun slowly drop below the horizon into the turquoise ocean. Soul-soothing and peaceful in paradise." ~ Joanna C.

"What a fantastic sunset tour! Live music from Tony, sun setting over the bay, and a sneak preview of the local town. This tour had everything that would make me want to do more tours. Thanks!!" ~ Chris M.

"Great sunset at tobacco bay this evening. Always fun with Tony." ~ Patricia M.

Bermuda’s #1 Nature Reserve

"It was a lovely walk with Tony. He was informative and engaging." ~ Carol A.

"Good to see a different part of Bermuda. A lovely walk through the National Park taking us to the ocean. Tony had a way of making you feel as if you were walking beside him and Marley his dog." ~ Beverly M.

"I enjoyed this tour and shall return to Bermuda." ~ Shirley M.

Music with Tony

"Another amazing musical performance...beach setting was nice place for it this evening....people dont know what they're missing. Such good talent and great times" ~ Mark R.

"Our man in Bermuda- Tony is great so relaxed, while enjoying showing us this wonderful island where he lives - I I really want to go there it sounds amazing. When he takes us round he tells so many stories about the island all are so interesting and entertaining and mean so much to him - his musical sessions are great as well giving a mixed of music he loves and as for Lennon in Bermuda that was simply brilliant - I could do his tours over & over - thanks so much Tony." ~ Gillian B.

"The perfect Happy Hour. Kick back with a glass of something and enjoy Tony's great company and wonderful music." ~ Tish W.

"How very lucky we are to be able to pop to Bermuda for a live music gig with Tony! Absolutely fantastic, lovely music and some beautiful views as well at the end. Truly wonderful. " ~ Gail B.

"Tony has a fabulous personality ( and voice ), a huge asset to any tour" ~ Ruth Anne G.

"We had our very own beach party while Tony played the guitar and sang while we had the magnificent Bermuda beach as a backdrop" ~ Mae R.

"This was very enjoyable. When they say, "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" this tour just so happened to be at 5 PM in my time zone so it was a nice laid back way to kick off the weekend. On a more serious note, I've been having a hard time lately as I enter my 400th day today of lockdown plus being a caregiver with no break. The first two songs really got my attention for being so positive plus I absolutely adore and relate to "Hope - A Song For the Times" and have added it on Spotify. Thank you for sharing it with us" ~ Amanda J.

"So much fun. Love Tony's anecdotes and laidback musical style. He even ended with shots of a beautiful Bermuda beach. Next time I'll bring cocktails!" ~ Lisa M.

Music at Marea

"Great sunset tour, accompanied by Tony’s great music. Amazing sunset, views of the bay, and a wonderful friendly atmosphere ! " ~ lin u.

"I loved the music from the restaurant. Nice to see people. Tony is fun to be with and his music." ~ Rick G.

"Excellent concert! Felt like in the Bermuda sun" ~ Julie (Ottawa)

"Always a gr8 time with Tony. Loved the sunset. Can't wait to see it for ourselves . Thanks Tony " ~ Bruce & Ruth Anne G.